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Laurent Clerc"Apostle to the Deaf People of the New World"

Founded in 2022, the Société Laurent Clerc was created to celebrate the life and contributions of this important educator of the Deaf in the United States. Modeled after our French counterparts, The Association Laurent Clerc, our society proposes to focus more attention on Laurent Clerc with the purpose of securing him a United States Commemorative Postal Stamp. Come join the journey with us!

-Laurent Clerc Holt-

Great Great Great Great Grandson of Laurent Clerc

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We are getting increased requests from schools and organizations to have Flat Laurent visit and assist with lessons in Deaf Education and Culture. We need your help. Please consider a donation to this important project!


What We Believe In





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Now this is exciting! The premier high school basketball tournament in the nation is named after Laurent Clerc! Check out  our new Clerc Classic Page!

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Selfies Of Support

We will need active participation by Deaf and hearing people to make our dream a reality. We must convince the Commemorative Stamp Committee, which receives 50,000 stamp requests a year, that our Laurent Clerc is deserving.

See how you can help here.

The Flat Laurent Challenge

Favorite Laurent Clerc Social Media

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Interested in learning more about how you can take part?

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