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In Search of Laurent Clerc

On July 4, 1957 my journey with Laurent Clerc began. This is the day that my father registered my birth name in an Ogdensburg Hospital. From this time my exploration of Laurent had taken me many places and connected me to many people. 


Since agreeing to resurrect the Laurent Clerc Stamp project many folks have asked me if I would be writing a book about my journey of discovery. Not being a writer I generally say that it is beyond me. However, what is not beyond me is chronicling my journey the best I can as it happens. If it is interesting to anyone then all the better. 


In this section are the general notes of my work on all things related to Laurent Clerc. I hope that someone enjoys it.

November 17, 2021 Wilton Library, Wilton, CT and "The Wilton Papers"


Friday, November 11, 2020 and Yale University in New Haven,  CT


November 18, 2022 Wilton Library, Wilton Historical Society and History & Cogswell Heritage House at ASD

Initial discussions about organizing a coming out of the Laurent Clerc "Wilton Papers" in 2023. The Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, beginning the discussions with the principle and staff about participating in the Art, History and Stamp Module  as part of their Deaf History curriculum.

January 2021 some exciting work was being done with The California School for the Deaf in Fremont (CSD) and with Joey Baer, Ed.S., the elementary school principle. Joey is a person with what appears to be unfettered creativity. He contacted me to suggest that we work on bringing our fledgling Art, History and Stamp module to CSD. The results were amazing. Joey designed a power point presentation to present to students, ran a successful Selfie of Support campaign that netted our most ever and used Laurent to highlight Deaf History. Joey continues to be an advocate for Laurent Clerc projects and assisting us with networking with other schools across the nation. Thank you so much Joey!

Today, like many days are filled with creative things coming from Emily over at  The Phoenix Day School for the DeafIt is one of my greatest pleasures.

Emily is a 5th grade teacher who appears to love her students, students and her school. She has been so much fun to share Laurent Clerc or Flat Laurent memes. She even arranged for the school to purchase its own Flat Laurent! I am regaled with memes, gifs and photos every week, each more lovely than the playful ones that proceeded them. She had made this stamp project truly enjoyable!

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