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Memorialising Laurent Clerc

It is not surprising that eductors and students would not want to memorialize Laurent Clerc for his 51 years as a teacher of the Deaf. Join us in an exploration of the ways that the Deaf Community has honored Laurent .

Laurent Clerc Bust at
The American School for the Deaf

Laurent Clerc has many memorials around the world. The one that would probably be the most precious to him would be at his old alma mater, The American School for the Deaf.

Each April 17th, Founders Day, the school celebrates the creation of the school by honoring Laurent Clerc and Thomas Gallaudet at their respective memorials.

Read more about the story of the the Laurent Clerc momument and bust here.

Laurent Clerc Bust at Gallaudet University

2022.04.03 Founders Day 15 copy.png
The GU Bust of Laurent Clerc.png

History & Cogswell House

Espace Laurent Clerc at La Balme des Grotte

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