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Laurent Clerc Virtual Art Gallery

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Laurent Clerc lived a life primary before the invention of the camera. While there are a few photos of Laurent which give us a glimpse of him, frozen in portraits that were common at the time.


Even more intriguing are the works of art that represent how artist of his time perceived him.

Painted portraits, also common throughout his life, show us various stages of his life cycle.


But even more compelling are the works of art from artists around the world that never met Laurent during his lifetime. Works of art that they feel connect with and memorialize his contributions to the Deaf Community and to the development of American Sign Language.


Here in the Laurent Clerc Virtual Art Gallery we try to bring together old and new works related to Laurent Clerc. We hope that we have collected the few known paintings and drawings of the past and situate them with works by young and old artist.

Please come and have a visit into the world of Laurent Clerc and enjoy the many artists and their works honoring his contributions.


-Laurent Clerc Holt-


Newest Addition


“In eyes of evolution of Laurent Clerc Era”Winter Sluyter-Obidos, 

12 Grade, California School for the Deaf, Riverside

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