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                      The Clerc Family

On these pages we would like to map out the family of Laurent Clerc. We will explore his roots and family and France. As well we will see what Laurent and Eliza were able to produce in offspring down to the present day. 

Joseph Francis Clerc 

Laurent' father, Joseph Francis Clerc was born on January 7, 1747 in La Balme, France.  He was the 2nd child and 1st son of Francis Clerc and Benoite-Marie Petit . 


Joseph was the mayor of La Balme from 1780 to 1814. This position might have been inherited from his father Francois Cleo, Registrar of the Management and Receiver of the King' s Farmers. Until we get a clearer picture of the life of Joseph and his work in La Balme, we can take a look at this article in 1911 about the HISTORY OF THE FRENCH NOTARIAL SYSTEM by WW Smithers. 

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