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Enough Already Laurent

Ok, you might need to cut me some slack, getting all maudlin (the tearfully sentimental and not intoxicated part of  a word meaning self-pityingly,  often through drunkenness). It is hard to do such a deep dive into someone’s life and be sad you never got a chance to meet him. This 4x great grandfather of mine passed about 88 years before I was born. 

So when I discovered that he had visited Brattleboro at least once, around 1867 or so, this got me all excited. Does not take much to get old men excited apparently. The fact that he was walking around Brattleboro, my hometown for decades and where I raised my children just feels good to me. 

So with this obsession about his Brattleboro trip rattling around my brain I contacted the Brattleboro Historical Society.

There, an ever helpful Carol generated the hotels that would have existed then. I poured over them and researched them, eliminating the candidates that did not make sense to me. That left me with three (3) strong possibilities. I asked Flat Laurent, via the Wayback Machine made famous by Sherman and Peabody,  to go by and take a look at them.

Of course he could not remember. 


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