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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Good morning gardeners and cemetery lovers. Reporting in on a development in the care of Laurent and Eliza's family grave site.

A recent maintenance visit to the garden will be posted soon. But in the meantime we are excited to announce that we will be doing some preservation work on the gravestone of Charles Michael Clerc.

You might remember that Charles Michael was the 2nd son of Laurent Clerc. He was sent to France to study the silk trade in 1835 and briefly worked in New York City before passing from some yet unknown illness at age 26th.

His tombstone is broken, maybe vandalized, and is in need of repair.

We are glad to have scheduled the work of repairing it with the Daley-Connerton Memorial Co.

We are always, of course, looking for assistance with these costs and if you would wish to help us with the $350 expense you can contribute at our GO-FUND-ME site for garden maintenance.

We wish to thank you in advance and are always grateful for our previous donors, which without you would not make it possible to honor Laurent and Eliza's family.


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