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I continue to meet many interesting and active members of the Deaf community. Yesterday was not exception. I received an email from the Ohio Deaf Friends of the Library, (ODFL) an advocacy organization whose mission is to advance the quality of deaf resources in the state.

Last year I think it was, I was seeking out members of the Deaf community that were producing art contents and shows with Deaf artists. I was creating my virtual Laurent Clerc Art Gallery and was trying to understand how to engage Deaf artists of all ages. The ODFL had been putting on an event for 3 years in collaboration with the Columbus Museum of Art.

We were not able to do anything together and I was so glad to receive the email from them yesterday. Seems that the 4th Annual Student's Deaf Themed Art Contest. (click on this blue link to see a video about the contest! This event is in conjunction with the Ohio Hands & Voices and Advocates for KIDS.

On March 3rd from 11-12 noon I will be visiting with the event and presenting something about Laurent Clerc. Not sure what it is yet but I know it will be fun.


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