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ASL FINALLY! 2024.01.29

My greatest disappointment with this project is my lack of ASL. Laurent and Eliza had no deaf family members after themselves. So any signers are long gone. I have tried numerous times to start learning Laurent's language. He would want me to, but a busy life and short attention span always got in the way.

But today was special because a close friend has decided to tutor me while I work one of the internet tutorial apps. Kristy, is doing the Jean Massieu thing for me and helping me get over the hump with this new language. So grateful to her for teaching me.

Afterwards, I had the chance to meet with Laurie of Vermont. Laurie works for the state in Deaf and Hard of Hearing services. Her enthusiasm was infectious and it got me charge up again. She reminded me of the importance of that pesky social media empire that I need to build. So it was back onto Instagram and X (Twitter) even though it is a little more work. And she even got me to consider TikTok. Ugh. Thank you Laura for all your help!



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