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Did Laurent Read His Bible?

Today I was in an organizational mood. I have been working on the Laurent Clerc Bible.

This is an attempt to catalogue all the known documents and history related to Laurent Clerc.

Presently I have installed about 100 years of tabs and made sure every document has its own plastic sleeve. In each of these sleeves I hope to. have:

  • A copy of the original document

  • A transcript of the document

  • A information sheet that provides details of any notes, reference points, people, events or facts about the things contained in the document.

Laurent Clerc's history is spread all over the United States and Europe. It has taken over a year to get where I am today and I feel that many more will be needed to go the distance. To make the volumes (presently two but growing soon) as comprehensive as I feel that they should be. This way, between this website and the Laurent Clerc Bibles

we would have brought everything together so the

next generations will not have to do all the same work.

This for some odd reason is so very exciting. Who would have thought it would be so exciting. Let me know about your history efforts!


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