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Part of my research and work on the stamp for Laurent Clerc is testing how to reach folks to make connections to educate others about Laurent Clerc history. Today I had the chance to post my important links on the New Haven ASL Community page. Some of their members are from Yale University and the home of many Clerc papers. With this WIX software I monitor any traffic coming to the site from the New Haven region, helping me understand if these posts are effective.

The other thing I was focusing on today was beginning to develop my "note" pages that will accompany all the documents in the Laurent Clerc Bible. I think it will even contains the photos of the participants in the letters, links about their lives and any cross-references to other letters in the collection. Worked on the Harmanus Bleecker notes page and one that looks at the letter written to Laurent Clerc in 1816 by Joesph Napoleon,who lived in New Jersey during those days his brother was making his ill-fated comeback. Seems that Laurent was trying to raise money for the school in Hartford from all that cash Joesph took from Spain?

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