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Recently down at the Laurent and Eliza gravesite garden checking in on our frozen milieu. You might remember that we had successful fundraised to repair the tombstone of Charles Michael Clerc, Laurent and Eliza's second son. Charles was little known before we started our exploration of Laurent and his family life. With new letters and documentation appearing we now have a much more nuisanced idea of what he was like. I think I would have like him. Soon I will be putting together a story line for Charles and pull together all these sources.

In the meantime we want to update our donors and Laurent fans about the progress towards getting his tombstone sorted out. We had hired Daley-Connerton Memorial Co. of Bloomfield, CT to do the repairs. Rick and Dawn have been organizing the effort there and we now have a photo of the initial stage of repair. Rick has brought the stone to his shop for bonding.

This is really exciting news for us at the garden, as we are coming into our second full year of renovations on their gravesite. Our goal is to beautiful it and create a lovely place for folks to visit and to honour this amazing Deaf power couple.

It will ask that anyone, if interested in helping us with this project, go down and take a look. We will be letting you know if there are any work events this coming gardening season. If you are too far away, please consider a contribution/donation to our efforts. You can communicate with me directly at or you can donate at our G0-Fund-Me Page!


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